K-Project masterplanSeoul, Korea2022

The new headquarters for a South Korean IT company will be located in the Seongsu district of Seoul and was designed in close collaboration with locally based architects and consultants. Jusin Park led the design as part of the David Chipperfield Architects team, and now working as an advisor for the client. 

The building is conceived as a piece of infrastructure with the flexibility to accommodate the company’s diverse range of activities, staff and visitors both now and in the future. Rather than trying to create a singular, fixed architectural image, the concept uses the life and energy of the company and that of the neighbourhood to define a strong identity for the headquarters. This occurs visually through its dynamic façades, and also programmatically through the multi-use atrium and cultural multiplex which build on the life of the surrounding city.

Collaboration: David Chipperfield Archtiects 
Client: Private
Type: Office
Status: Ongoing

Image and text credit to David Chipperfield Architects and Artefactory.

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