Sanwirt Student Housing competition
Innsbruck, Austria2023

Initial collage exploring ideas for flexible shared living

                Diagram showing infrastrcuture and flexible elements for dwelling    



The site is situated at the junction of the postwar residential neighborhood Reichenau, the industrial neighborhood Gewerbegebiet Roßau, and the River Inn. The urban fabric of these neighborhoods consists of freestanding buildings with porous open spaces, in contrast to the enclosed urban blocks found in the historical centre of Innsbruck.

In response to the porous character of the neighbouring urban context, the proposal utilises outward-facing open spaces as a means to react to the complexity of the industrial surrounding context, rather than isolating the site from its surroundings.

To ensure the sustainable use and future-proofing of the building, the building is designed to be capable of adapting to change of lifestyle and housing demand of the market.

The building's infrastructure is designed to be universal, with a rational and repetitive layout. The minimum grid size is determined based on the optimum size of a bedroom. The mechanical infrastructure is planned in every second bay, allowing for the accommodation of both small micro-apartments and larger cluster living units.

Client: IIG - Innsbrucker Immobiliengesellschaft GmbH &Co KG
Type: Residential
Collaboration: Leonie Hagen
Status: Competition entry