House with wall and shedHong-Chun, Korea2018


1/4 The fields around the site
2/4 House with wall and shed 
3/4 Two building forms adjoining togehter
4/4 Section of the kitchen and entrance
Initial sketches 

Buildings with shed and wall found from the rural contexts

Site plan

Floor plan

The House with a Wall and Shed is designed to accommodate three generations within a compact structure. 

Situated on a gentle valley with panoramic views in the distance, the building is carefully positioned to integrate with the surrounding landscape. The house is strategically oriented to open outward, offering diverse perspectives of the landscape, ranging from long-distance views to closer observations of the hill along the site. Its L-shaped geometry also creates a madang, a yard or garden, providing additional private outdoor space.

The roofscape of the house pays homage to the typical sheds in the context while also articulating the overall form of the building. A blank wall is planned as free-standing wall at the front facade, facing the street, defines an entrance courtyard.

The house's layout fosters a fluid flow, seamlessly connecting the entrance hall and kitchen to the living room through an opened corner, resembling the flow of urban open spaces. It is also planned to allow future extension to the north side of the site where the pergola is proposed.

Collaboration: Studio Meeli 
Client: Private
Status: Completed