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Nov 2023
Competition prize

Jusin Park Architects has been awarded 4th prize from a competition to design a care home in Hwasung, Korea in collaboration with Studio 531B.

Nov 2023
MArch Unit1 visit to Zurich, ETH

Unit 1 went on a field trip to Zurich and visited numerous contemporary residential projects, providing students with the opportunity to contemplate our theme, 'what makes a good home?' 

Jusin Park together with Philip Christou participated in the external critiques and workshops at the ETH.

Students visiting Peter Märkli’s residential project at Hohlstrasse, Zürich

Nov 2023
Tombstone project photographs

The Tombstone project was photographed several months after completion, capturing the transformation of the granite stone as it weathers and blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

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Oct 2023
Competition proposal

Jusin Park Architects have submitted a proposal for a student housing project in Innsbruck, Austria in collboration with Leonie Hagen. The scheme suggests a radical approach to adapt flexible inhabitation for a sustainable lifetime of the building structure.

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Oct 2023
Lecture at University of Seoul

Jusin Park has been invited for a lecture at University of Seoul. It was a great pleasure to share thoughts with practicing architects and planners focusing on the integration of sustainability within architectural practice. A central theme of our discourse revolved around ‘the element of time,’ exploring concepts related to longevity and acceptance. Throughout the lecture, we shared our projects that exemplify the idea of ‘contemporary ruins’, by Jusin, and his works at David Chipperfield Architects. 

Drawing  by Jusin Park for Dairy Road project at David Chipperfield Architects, exhibited at the RA Summer Show 2021

Oct 2023
MArch Unit1 at UEL 

Jusin Park has joined teaching with Philip Christou at the University of East London for the 2023-24 academic year. The theme of this year would be seeking ‘what makes a good home?’. 

Interim crit photograph where students presented their reference studies

Sep 2023
Project kick-off

Krafton masterplanning project has been started where Jusin Park Architects will take advisory role for our client, Krafton, in collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects. 

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Image credit to David Chipperfield Architects and Artefactory

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